Refrigerator Repair

Great midnight snacks, all the juice boxes for the kids’ lunches, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Your refrigerator does a lot for your family. It is probably the only appliance that is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no one really appreciates it all until it is broken or having major issues.

These issues are just as plentiful as all the things that it keeps fresh. Bad evaporator motor, water on the floor, making noises so loud that they keep you up at night, not staying as cold as it should are just a few of the things that our customers in the Broomfield, CO area call us about. Don’t worry though, we are experts in refrigerators.

You Should Call Aaron’s Appliance Repair

We know that there are a number of different companies in and around the Broomfield, CO area that you can call to fix your refrigerator. In order to set ourselves apart from those other options, we have created a business that focuses on our customers and giving them our best. Here is what separates Aaron’s Appliances Repair from the rest.


Honesty, reliability, and punctuality are the foundation of our professional outlook. We are not going to give you some ridiculous 8-hour range in which to expect us. We know your tie is precious and you have better things to do than wait around for us. If we say that our technician will be there are 4, you can likely expect them at 3:45 because if we aren’t early we are late.

Our customers will deal with technicians who are going to give them an honest assessment of the problem and let them know about the entire process. Our customers can relax because the work that our techs do is guaranteed and they are not going to leave a big mess in their wake either.

Our Repair Services

Our techs aren’t just going to come in, swap out a part, and call it a day. The repairs that they do are of the highest quality. They are going to check the entire system in order to find the initial cause for the problem in an effort to avoid further problems.

Our techs know appliances in and out and they know how one part or component can affect another down the line. They pay attention to the small details.


We treat our customers how we would want someone to treat us. No one wants to get charged an arm and a leg for anything. Our customers work hard for their money and we know that there are better things that they would like to do with their money other than fixing their refrigerator.

Our fees are affordable and we will never sneak in those hidden charges just to make a buck. We don’t believe in dishonest service.

Training and Experience

We know that training combined with years of experience makes a technician the best at what they do. Their experience allows them to apply their training in such a way that they can fix any problem and help to identify any weak spots that could turn into future problems.

No Judgement

We know that many of our customers call us in after they tried to fix it themselves and they messed it up. It’s okay. We know that many people want to try and handle these things on their own. If you do and you call us in to undo whatever it is that you did, the Aaron’s Appliance Repair technicians are not going to judge you for that at all. Just call us first next time.