Freezer Repair

Freezers allow you to stock up on food, store it properly, and even meal prep for a whole week in one shot. It can really make life very simple, especially at the end of a long day. Everyone understands the convenience of being able to go in the freezer and pull out something to throw in the oven for dinner.

When a problem happens with your freezer, it can cost you a lot of money in spoiled food and all those meals you prepped for the week. If you are in the Broomfield area, Aaron’s Appliance Repair can get there quickly to fix it.


Not Working

First, check to see if the freezer is plugged in, the outlet that it’s plugged into is working, and that the breaker that it is on hasn’t been flipped off. Make sure that all the display lights are on and everything is reading as it should. If all of this stuff looks good, there is likely a problem with the controls. We see this all the time; give us a call and we can get this fixed in no time.

Not Frosty Enough

The first thing that we recommend you check is the thermostat. You will want to make sure that the temperature is set correctly, which is no higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, if the freezer is too full or not full enough, it is not going to work right either. The freezer should be filled about 70% of the way.

You will need to make sure that when the freezer is packed that the vents are not blocked. The air needs to be able to circulate freely within the freezer and around all the food. If you have set it to the right temperature and everything else looks good, it is most likely that the thermostat is bad.


If it is something that only happened once, there isn’t much to worry about. If it is happening with more frequency, there is likely a problem with a valve, line, or excessive condensation. Give us a call so we can figure it out and solve the problem.


A bad evaporator coil can cause quite an obnoxious banging or knocking sound.

Too Frosty

It is possible for a freezer to be too cold. First, check to see if the temperature is set below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is properly set, check to see where the frost is forming. Frost toward the back of the freezer may indicate a problem with the defrost cycle. Frost around the door may indicate a problem with the door or the gaskets around it.

Give Us A Call

No matter what the problem, we can come in, diagnose the problem, and get it fixed in a jiffy. Aaron’s Appliance Repair technicians will get your freezer fixed and get it fixed fast. We know how important your freezer is and how much it can cost if it isn’t addressed quickly and properly immediately.